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Are We Special?

Are We Special? examines the source of the feeling experienced by so many of us and portrayed in so many films and books, that we are more than merely mortal beings and may even be chosen to fulfill some special destiny. Drawing upon the scriptures and the teachings of modern-day prophets, Are We Special? contrasts the true, divine origin of this special feeling with the worldly counterfeits propped up by the Adversary that lead us away from the love of God and produce feelings of pride, selfishness, and despair. Are We Special? provides insights from the gospel that are reinforced by psychological research and the authors' therapeutic expertise that will help the reader become more vigilant against the subtle manifestations of the Adversary's lie and more receptive to the resources God has provided us to know how truly and wonderfully special we all are.  

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While it is true that we can live as if there is only the lie and we can become obsessed with comparing ourselves with others, the lie is not the only source of our special feelings. In fact, the lie can only ever be a false source of our special feelings that is provided by the adversary who desires to enslave us. The truth is that there is another source of our special feelings, a true source that pertains to all of us and provides the proper understanding of our true nature. We are children of a God, a divine King who loves His children with a love only a God can provide. We feel special because of our divine birthright. We feel special because we experienced this pure love of God when we were with Him prior to coming to this world, and we feel special because the resources God has provided us offer us the opportunity to feel that love again.
In the end, this is the most important message of this book: You are a son or a daughter of a King, and that King, your Heavenly Father, loves you so fully and completely that you are truly special indeed. You need only to raise your gaze to the heavens and accept His love and then the feeling of the void you experience as a consequence of this temporary separation from your Father will be filled with love and light”.

About the Authors

Jeffrey S. Reber holds a PhD from Brigham Young University in psychology. He’s an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at BYU. His publications look at the relationship between religion, psychology, and interpersonal relationships. He has also worked with LDS Family Services and has served as a bishop.
Steven P. Moody received his master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Southern California. At USC, his clinical work focused on families, including marital therapy and relationships. Steven has worked as a counselor with LDS Family Services. He is now a therapist in private practice specializing in both relationships and addictions.     

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