Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Post and Book Feature

What are the mistakes you see in beginner writers?
by RW Peake

I’m involved in a group of young writers, and the one common thing I see that I would characterize as a mistake is that none of them have actually completed a project before moving on. It was a problem that I had; I was a great “starter”, and I have more than enough just-started or half-finished great ideas to last the rest of the time I write. 

But it wasn’t until I actually started and finished what is essentially my first novel (and is NOT Marching With Caesar-Conquest of Gaul) that I felt like I could call myself a writer. Until then, I was a dabbler, and I see a whole lot of dabbling going on. I’ve challenged the members of my group to actually start and finish something, so we’ll see if they do so.

Marching With Ceasar
by R.W. Peake

Marching With Caesar-Conquest of Gaul is a first-person narrative, written in the form of a memoir as dictated to a scribe of Titus Pullus, Legionary, Optio, First Spear Centurion of Caesar’s 6th and 10th Legion. The memoir is written three years after his retirement as Camp Prefect, when Titus is 61 years old.

Titus, along with his boyhood friend Vibius Domitius, joins the 10th Legion in the draft of 61 BC, when Gaius Julius Caesar is the governor of Spain. Titus and Vibius are assigned to a tent group, with seven other men who will become their closest friends during their times in the legion. Titus, Vibius and their comrades endure the harsh training regimen that made the legions the most feared military force in the ancient world. The 10th Legion is blooded in a series of actions in Spain, led by Caesar in a campaign that was the true beginning of one of the most brilliant military careers in history.

Three years after joining the legions, the 10th is called on again, this time to be part of the subjugation of Gaul, one of the greatest feats of arms in any period of history. During the subsequent campaigns, the 10th cements its reputation as Caesar’s most favored and trusted legion, and is involved in most of the major actions during this period.

This first book of a completed trilogy closes with Caesar crossing the Rubicon, and the 10th preparing to march to war, this time against fellow Romans.

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