Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Review: Fighting the Effects of Gravity by James Robinson Jr.

Fighting the Effects of Gravity is an Indie Excellence Award Finalist and recipient of a Readers Favorite 5 Star Review.
James Robinson, Jr. had it all: three beautiful children, a loving wife, a new home, a good job. But at age 36, the bottom would literally fall out of his life. He would watch his once firm deriere fall overnight never to rise again–succumbing to the evil forces of gravity.
Fighting the Effects of Gravity is a humorous, midlife, memoir full of anecdotes and life lessons. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud at the author’s experiences and how much they relate to your own. Life is short; don’t let gravity get you down.
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Genre – NonFiction Memoir
Rating – PG
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Fighting the Effects of Gravity makes me realize what life is, the meaning of every people I love. It's a good thing I get to read awesome books that I tend to forget what my purpose in life is. The book and it's humor just got into me that I kept reading it in every possible way. I got a peek of what life would be when you get old and it made me realize that I have a life to fulfill and I need to be out there and meet people. I can say that this book is life changing, it brought me new perspective outlook in life and what will be the effects of my decisions now. Robinson speaks of the truth and the bitter sweet reality of life. I found myself relating to the author and his journey, I was laughing and contemplating through the journey. It was a heartfelt read and you guys should read this one!