Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Review: Never Give in to Fear by Marti MacGibbon

Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom, the enhanced edition of this darkly funny, dramatic memoir, describes an emerging standup comic’s drug-fueled descent into the underworld, escape from human traffickers, homelessness, and ultimate redemption. With brutal honesty, humor, and clarity, the author vividly describes her experiences as she rides her downward spiral: a near-miss with a notorious serial killer, a series of tragically hilarious misadventures in the California drug world, and a terrifying account of imprisonment at the hands of Japanese organized crime, to name a few.
This revised and re-edited version contains three additional chapters that introduce readers to quirky characters, insights into standup comedy, resilience and recovery, and deliver an inspiring message about healing, hope, and courage to change.
What readers are saying …
“Marti MacGibbon shows readers just how rough the road to redemption is in her gritty memoir of addiction… Her raw, honest, casual, funny voice permeates every page… A dark yet inspiring look at conquering addiction and regaining hope.” –Kirkus Reviews
“Marti’s natural humor and storytelling help balance out the book into a symmetrical tale of both hurt and healing. Never Give in to Fear is a book everyone needs to read. This is not only a book about the danger of drugs, but about the power of the human spirit.” –San Francisco Book Review
“Her narration is funny—she can laugh at her old self, even as she shows the reader the terror and loss she felt in the past… Honest to a fault… captivating from the very first sentence. A memoir that offers hope, even in the worst of times, Never Give in to Fear is a terrific read.” –Claire Foster, Foreword Clarion Reviews
“It’s amazing that Marti MacGibbon survived her harrowing life and had the guts to recount it… not too preachy, the author’s candor and sense of humor keep the pages turning.” –Suzanne Daly, the
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Genre – Biographies & Memoirs 
Rating – R
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When you say adventure this one has got to be a commendable one. It's totally addictive, I felt like it's a drug I can't resist taking. The adventure just didn't stop from one point to another but it just keeps getting better and better every time. I personally didn't have any issue with the book, it's fast but I guess with the pacing you tend to miss little details but this book is really good that you get to read everything. It's a great book that has a good story in it, I think I was compelled to read this wonderful book from the start, I get to finish this within a few days because I got hooked and inspired on reading what will happen next with the story. I hope you guys could read this really good book, it's amazing how so many good authors are there but don't really get noticed. You have to read this!