Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blogging Hiatus

Hi guys, you probably are wondering why I haven't been around lately? I'm kind of having some family issues at the moment. It's been going on for awhile now and it's just now that I have time to explain things.

First of all I want to say SORRY for the tours I signed up that I didn't get to post and to my readers I owe you good content which I failed to fulfill. I know I signed up and promised I can/will post on the designated date but then unexpected things happened. I hope you understand what I'm going through and I hope you guys stick with me.

I'm on a semi-break at the moment until I get this problem done. I'll be posting some book spotlight and some interviews as long as it doesn't take much of my time. I love reading but there's a reason I haven't put up a review policy in the tabs.

Thank you again to my readers, and please continue to support Promiscuous Diva

Love lots,
Jaylyn x