Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Orangeberry Book Tours – Something In The Cellar by Ryan Casey

“Casey has a talent for creating tension, and seems to understand that true horror writing isn’t about scaring your readers-it’s about leaving them unsettled enough that they scare themselves… a steal at $0.99.” - James Parsons, author.
Well written, thoughtful, and with just enough creep and fear factor…quick reads that stay with you after; the mark of well told stories.” - Parent’s Little Black Book 
What would you do if your partner were lying dead at the foot of your cellar?
Imagine if Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft collaborated to create two chilling stories featuring murdered husbands and a nail-biting sprint towards freedom.
Meet Something in the Cellar - a collection of two dark short stories from Ryan Casey that hit the #1 spot in Amazon Short Stories. The title story follows a mother, Sandra, who is hiding a rather large secret in her cellar in the form of her murdered husband. Struggling to do right by her child, Sandra tries to convince herself to face up to her fears. Does she have the courage to tackle the situation, and deal with the body once and for all?
The bonus story - The Runaway - follows a mysterious character as they escape the depths of a dark, industrial tunnel. Who is the unnamed ‘He’ that the protagonist is obsessed with, and just what exactly are they running from? Questions will be answered, and new ones will form, as the story hurtles to a shocking conclusion.
Something in the Cellar is a 5,000-word pair of short  stories that pull the rug from  under the feet of the reader, with endings that will stay in your head for days.
NOTE: Contains UK-English spellings.
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Genre – Suspense / Horror / Short Story
Rating – PG13
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