Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rant it Over: Joining Contest

credits occupyh2o.org

Hey guys, so I managed to survive the first Giveaway Hop I joined. And I just have to tell you that I had to cut it short. I was totally pulling my hair out with the amount of email I was getting; entrants cannot comment; entrants don't know what to do; entrants would have to download something; and mostly I'm no cheat you just won't let me comment.

Like seriously guys? Firstly I think it's very simple to comment, I installed Disqus mostly because it's accessible and easy to use. I'm not saying the normal Blogger commenting system is not but I have a sense of security with Disqus as well. I can reply to comments easily plus it detects IP address which I think is a major issue with cheating.

As much as it hurts to say this but it has to be out there... 


Internet Explorer is just plain... out dated already! Guys please if your reading this QUIT IT! I repeat QUIT IT for the benefit of the humanity. Use another browser preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla. That way you can enter the Giveaway hassle free.

Tomorrow I'll be joining another giveaway hop! Book Twirps and Refracted Lights Reviews is hosting an August New Release Giveaway Hop. I hope this time it's not that of a hassle. I'll be giving away a copy of a most anticipated book that's coming out this month. Make sure to come back tomorrow and join!