Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blog Tour & Guest Post

There are two forms of storytelling I have always loved – books and film. Aside from being a hard core
bibliophile, I am also a total movie buff with a serious jones for all things paranormal. I was never a
big one for slasher-horror flicks (i.e. Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween) but if it involves ghosts,
demons, possessions, hauntings or anything of the like, I am so there!

It all started with The Exorcist. To this day, this is still one of my favorite films of all time. The idea
of spiritual warfare being real has always scared the pants off of me and for some reason, I love that
feeling. The feeling of being completely creeped out by the unknown. From the first time I saw The
Exorcist, I fell in love with the genre. I’ve seen some great ones like the Poltergeist series, Stigmata,
Thirteen Ghosts, The Ring, Paranormal Activity, Devil and The Rite. I have also seen some HORRIBLE
ones such as the epic failure of Drag Me To Hell.

I have tried to find books that give me that same feeling and it just hasn’t happened. I think the closest
I ever came to a book really giving me that creeped out feeling was probably The Omen and even that
was a bit of a letdown. When I started penning the Demon Legacy series, I knew I wanted to write what
I love. I wanted to write urban fantasy but I wanted it to be dark. I wanted to write about demons.

To me, demons are probably the scariest of the paranormal creatures. Creatures with no humanity.
Nothing but pure evil driving them. I also didn’t want to “Twilight” them in my book. By “Twilighting”,
I mean taking these creatures with no redeeming qualities and making them…..well….sparkle. Demons
should be scary. The moment I started writing my demon character, I knew exactly what I wanted him
to be. Cold, calculated, ruthless and unfeeling. I didn’t want there to be even a shred of a chance that
my readers would develop Stockholm Syndrome and start having warm fuzzies for him. This guy is bad
news and I wanted my audience to really feel that when they read my series. I want the audience to be
afraid for my characters going up against this guy because there’s a very good chance that, in the end,
the black hats could win.

- J.M. Gregoire

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