Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Review: The Generosity of Strangers

The Generosity of Strangers
by Thomas E Antonaccio

Genre – Children’s NonFiction / History – Europe
The Generosity of Strangers: When War Came to Fornelli is written in first person, free verse, and consists of a series of vignettes chronicling the real life experiences of a young girl and her family in war-torn Italy in the 1940s. The story is set in the town of Fornelli–a tiny hilltop community in Italy’s mountainous heart.
For Lucia and her family, life in Fornelli is anything but boring. Life is difficult, yet tranquil. But soon the war comes, and life in Fornelli is tranquil no more.
The Generosity of Strangers: When War Came to Fornelli is a true accounting from the eyes of Lucia, about faith, hope, and courage in the midst of war and its aftermath. It poetically conveys how even in desperate times people can open their hearts and rise above adversity.


The Generosity of Strangers is a MUST READ! It's about a girl, Lucia -- a very innocent child. It's an instant page turner that everybody should read. I was touched with the characters on how believeable and charming they portray. I really enjoyed reading this book. It's just simple and easy to read. If you haven't read this book I recommend you to read this one soon!