Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: Blown Circuit by Lars Guignard

From the bestselling author of Lethal Circuit comes the long-awaited sequel, BLOWN CIRCUIT.

Michael Chase is back. 
He survived China. Barely.
But now he's got bigger problems.
He has enemies. Deadly enemies.

A pair of coordinates broadcast on an obscure frequency have brought Michael to Istanbul, Turkey where credible chatter has emerged that a terrorist group plans to use a devastating device to hold the world hostage.

Designed by Nikola Tesla, arguably the greatest inventor of the Twentieth Century, the device is experimental, it is capable, and it has been missing for almost sixty years.

If Michael is to prevent a catastrophe, he'll need to get to the device before the Conspiracy or risk upsetting the global balance of power forever. Of course, finding the Tesla Device is one thing, knowing whom he can trust with it is another matter entirely. If Michael is to survive, he'll have to do both. If he doesn't, what started as a bad day is about to become a disaster.
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Genre – Mystery & Thriller / Technothriller
Rating – PG13 
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Blown Circuit is the second book of the Michael Chase series by Lars Guignard and I just want to say that if you liked the first book; Lethal Circuit this book will totally blow you away! The series just captured every intense nerve in my body, it totally rocked my face off with the amazing weaving of character and plot. The twist just got the best of me, I was not expecting it and it got me reading and reading until the end. If you haven't read the first book I'm suggesting that you read it as soon as possible because you are definitely missing an action packed kick ass book in here. The book picked up where the first book left off and it just continued its awesomeness. I was gasping and holding on my seat while I was reading this book, I've never read anything like this before it's just amazing how the author wrote this with such fluid lines and plot. I was captured with every lines and action this book has and oh boy am I joking when I say I got overwhelmed with the amazing action-adventure this book has to offer. The series is just amazing and I'm definitely recommending you to read this book if you read the first one this one is way better, if you haven't read the first one pick it up! you won't get disappointed one bit!